January Newsletter

Greetings from Camotan, Guatemala!!

Fourteen babies received four cans of formula. Mothers come locally and from several mountain villages in our area. The ministry provides formula for babies who’s mothers do not produce milk to feed them. To help in this ministry send us a private message. The cost to provide one baby with milk for a month is $40. Milk is given to the babies until they reach twelve months old.

Our school sponsorship program is called “Brighter Horizon’s.” We are looking for sponsors to provide students a Middle and High school education. These students are not able to attend school without financial support from someone like you. The cost is $40 a month for twelve months. Last year we were able to provide Middle and High school education to twenty four students. Ten students are still in need of sponsors. School starts from January through the middle of February The money is used to pay for their tuitiion, books, notebooks pencils, pens, projects and other school needs. One of the students attending this year is Maria Rosario.

In the month of January forty two bags of food were given to families in the village of La Jigua. Our daughter Melissa, her husband Gustavo and their friend Wilmer passed out food bags. The families were given a bag filled with: 10 lbs. of corn, 10lbs. of black beans, two pounds of rice, two pounds of sugar, two small bags of salt, one bottle of oil, five packets of coffee.

The ministry was given money from Pastor Page and the the McMinnville church to purchase food because of covid and the hurricanes Eta and Iota. Praise the Lord seventy nine families were helped with bags of food. God has been so faithful this past year.

It is our hearts desire to start again the feeding centers. We are in the planning stages. Right now we have money coming in to provide three meals a month. The money will provide two meals a month in the village of El Volcan and one meal a month in the village of Pinulito. We are in need of two more sponsors to provide meals so we will have one meal a week for the village of El Volcan. To be able to provide two more meals a month it will cost a $100 for each week. The total will be $200. We are asking God to provide two more sponsors at a $100 each. We have been providing between 50 -75 children a week. If you desire to asisit in feeding these children please contact us with a private message.

Water is scarce in some of the villages. The ministry has a program called “Drop of cool water.” We provide a 290 gallon water tank to collect rainwater. Our summer is getting ready to begin the 1st of March. Our temperature can reach up to 125 degrees sometimes. During the months of March and April our hottest months can cause a shortage of water.A water tank system includes all the tubes and the 290 gallon water tank. There are ten people in need of a water tank to help them in the summer months.