September Newsletter 2022

Jesus es nuestro Salvador y Sanador! Jesus is our Savior and Healer!

Praise the Lord! God provided formula for 51 babies. We are so excited God allowed us to give formula to these babies.

As school is coming to a close. It has been a pleasure To have sponsors for our 23 students in the “Brighter Horizons” program. Each student is happy to have attended Middle or High School. All the students will complete their studies in October. We thank each sponsor.

Our grandsons 4th grade class had an art project. They made Piggie banks.

Four water storage tanks were installed. The families were very excited.

On the 17th of September our students received their money for the month.

Our grandson Brayden was in the Independance Day parade. They walked from the sschool El Olam to the stadium. several other schools also marched in the parade.

The ministry had to purchase a new water pump. It was making a lot of noise then quit completely. The pump was installed and is running fine.

Our granddaughter Brianna was feeling very ill. We took her to the doctor and found out she had to have her apendix removed. She is recovering and doing well.

Greatest Needs:

Baby Formula! The cost is $182 for a case of 1’s. This formula is for babies 0 to 5 months. There are 24 cans to a case. The cost is $175 for a case of 2’s. This formula is for babies 6 to 12 months. There are 24 cans to a case. Please consider purchasing baby formula for this ministry.

Currently we have money to purchase 4 water tanks. We are in need of more water tanks. The tanks cost $275 each. We need you to consider a water tank for a family. Water storage is a problem.

Sponsors are needed to help students to attend Middle and High School for a year. We desire to asist them to complete their education. It cost $40 a month for a year or $480 a year. Please consider sponsoring a student to complete their education.

We would like to proviide a small Christmas gift for each child at the feeding center in Guior. There are 50 children that we wish to give a gift to. Any size donation would be appreciated.

God bless you all for your support from Vickie, Melissa and me.