November Newsletter 2022

Water tanks

In November we were able to install eight water tanks. These eight families were extremely excited to have a tank to store 290 gallons of water.

This month forty babies came to the ministry center for formula.

Feeding center in the village of Guior

Fifty-three children were served Two tortillas, juice, and chicken soup. Games and coloring pages were led by Brother Carlos. Sister Carolina taught the Bible story. The story was about Peter walking on the water.

We went to our friends daughters wedding. She was such a beautiful bride. Sister Nubias daughter had a wonderful reception.

Students begin coming to enroll in the “Brighter Horizon’s” education program. It is thrilling to see last years students returning. Glad to see some new students coming to start their education. We will have more news the closer we get to January.

UPDATE: Baby formula price has risen again. The cost is now $200 a case. There are still 24 cans to a case. Please consider purchasing a case of formula for the babies to receive the nutrients needed.

Once gain we come to you as we are in need of student sponsors. There are 10 students in need of a sponsor to provide an education for them.They want to attend Middle or High School. The cost is $40 a month or $480 a year. This is one of the greatest needs for the months of January and February. School starts during these two months in Guatemala.

Thank you sponsors for your support. God bless you all!!