November Newsletter 2021

November Newsletter 2021

Muchas bendiciones todos! Many blessings to all! The harvest for coffee is beginning in the higher elevations. We are praying as the people pick coffee beans they will receive money to help their families financially. We are in the month of December. This is the time of year we celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.

UPDATE: Novembers report of ministry projects.

More mothers are enrolling in the baby formula program. Plus more babies are graduating. The number of babies helped this month was 29. God is blessing the mothers with formula. Go to our website to see how you can provide baby formula. The babies receive formula until they are 1 year old. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of 45 more families with bags of food. You are life changers to these families.

As of right now we have 20 students signed up to receive a school sponsor. By the middle of January we could have 3 more. Go to the website and click on the donation button to see the cost of the projects. Also look at the needs section.

NEEDS: Three more sponsors are needed to sponsor three students. They will attend middle school. The cost is $40 a month for 12 months or $480 a year.The school year is from January 2022 through September 2022.

We are asking for 60 people to give $25 to help feed 40 families to help the poorest of the poor.

Time now to reach out during the cold weather to collect money for blankets. Blankets cost $10 each’ Blankets are given to children and senior adults.

We have received a donation for 5 blankets. It is our desire to buy 200 blankets for the children and senior adults. Our hearts also want to purchase some sweaters.

Fifteen families have come by the ministry center needing a 290 gallon water tank in order for them to have water. The village of Tapaun is desperateley in need of water. The cost is $250.

Vickie, Melissa, and myself want to say thank you for supporting the ministry. God bless you all!!