March Newsletter 2022

March Newsletter 2022

Dios bendicien ustedes! God bless you! Students are attending class 2 1/2 hours a day. We only have to wear a mask inside a building only are getting better as far as Covid is concerned.

Our gandranddaughter Brianna had a great time with cake and drink. Everyone was able to hit the Pinata also.

Please pray for Yefry Ramirez Lopez. He is 1 month old. He was born with some mental a.nd physical challenges.

UPDATE: March’s report of ministry projects

In the month of March we had 36 babies. They received 4 cans of formula. You can see a big difference in their growth.

Four water tanks were given to 4 families. These families were so greateful to have a tank to store water. It cost $275 to purchase a family a water tank.

This month 13 students came to the ministry center. These students have a sponsor in the “Brighter Horizon”s Program These students are glad to attend Middle or High School.

Four students met us at the school supplies store in Jocotan. They were able to purchase their school supplies. Thank you sponsors.

It was a great day in El Volcan. Over 100 children and adults had chicken soup, tortillas, and cool-aid.

GREATEST NEEDS: Baby formula! It has gone up. The cost is now $182 for a case of 1’s. There are 24 cans to a case for a case of 2’s.The cost is now $175 for a case..

Our list is increasing for water tanks. We are in need of 12 water tanks. The cost was $250 a tank. The cost is now $275,

Vickie, Melissa, and myself want to say thank you for supporting the ministry. You are a great blessing.