March Newsletter 2021

March Newsletter 2021

Welcome from hot steamy Camotan, Guatemala. We are approaching the end of our summer. It has been a grand privilege to assist many families last year and this year.

Update during the month of March of all our projects:

Fourteen babies came to the ministry center to obtain their four cans of formula. The babies are brought by their mothers, fathers, aunts, and grandmothers. They live in many villages in our area.

Twenty-eight Middle and High school students came to the monthly meeting. We had to make allowances due to social distancing. Twelve students came in order to buy their school supplies in the town of Jocotan. Thanks to donors God provided meals at two feeding centers. One feeding center in the village of El Volcan served 115 children and mothers. The second feeding center in the village of Pinulito served 74 children and mothers. During both feeding feeding centers the children were so excited to have a pinata and grab up the candy.

Sixteen bags of food were given to families. They live in the village of El Tesoro. Thank you God for all your help to provide families with food during the Corona virus.