June Newsletter 2022

June Newsletter 2022

Dios es neustro esperanza! God is our hope! We are grateful you chose to visit our website for June.


Brianna’s 3rd grade class had a food project. They cut up fruit for fruit salad.

All three grandchildren Brianna, Brent, and Brayden had a school outing. They went to the river and played at the playground activities. Afterwards they enjoyed a picnic lunch.

Father’s Day crafts were made at school. Cards a paper shirt, fish card, and a father’s day card. It was a great Fathers Day.

Both Melissa and Gustavo had Birthday’s this month. We enjoyed time hitting pinatas, eating cake, and sharing with family and friends.

Pastor William came from Jutiapa to visit for a day. He is a good friend.


We Celebrated our 17th year of ministry in Guatemala. We thank the Lord for His faithfulness to us in the ministry. He has watched over us as we ministered to the people through projects.

UPDATE: Praise God we were able to provide formula for 56 babies with 4 cans of formula each. These mothers could not provide milk for their babies otherwise. Thank you sponsors.

Twenty-three students in the “Brighter Horizon’s” program came for their monthly money. The money allows them to have the opportunity to attend Middle and High School.

Four water tanks were installed in two villages. These four families were so thankful to have water storage near their home. They no longer have to walk an hour or more to obtain water.

GREATEST NEEDS: Baby FormuLa! The cost is now $182 for a case of 1’s. There are 24 cans to a case. The cost is now $175 for a case of 2’s. We need monthly sponsors to purchase formula.Please consider helping this ministry.

There has become a constant need for water tanks. The cost for one water tank is $275.

Vickie, Melissa and I are thankful to all who help these projects. Without you we could not provde some basic needs for the people.