July’s Newsletter 2021

July’s Newsletter 2021

Muchas bendiciones para todos! Many blessings to all! We are thankful for the beautiful weather we are enjoying. You are loved and appreciated for your support of Restoration Ministries The Guatemalan people that have been helped are very greatful.

UPDATE: July’s report of the ministry projects.

Nine babies were brought to the ministry center with their mother or family member. Six mothers came without babies. Two of our babies are special needs. The rest of the babies came later. There are twenty babies in the milk program altogether.

Twenty-five students are currently enrolled in the Brighter Horizon’s program. These students are being sponsored to attend Middle and High School. The meeting is held every third Saturday so they can receive their money for the month. One of the students attends school long distance in the town of Escipulas.

Melissa, Tavo my son-in-law and Wilmer traveled to the town of Caparja. Thirty families received a bag of food. They received 10 lbs. of corn, 10lbs. of black beans,5 lbs. of sugar, 2 lbs. of rice, 2 small bags of salt, 1 bottle of oil, and 5 packs of coffee.

In July we had two feeding centers in the village of El Volcan.In the first feeding center we fed 106 children and adults. The second feeding center we fed 120.


Four students are wanting to attend school but they need a sponsor . the Education program is called Brighter Horizon’s. These students desire to attend Middle school. Without financial help they will not be able to attend school. the cost is $40 a month. The cost for the year is $480.

We need $1,100 to purchase food for sixty bags to give to families. The price has to be raised due to the rising cost.

Ingrid is 17 years old. She cannot walk or talk. She looks like she is 10 years old. We are asking for $60 a month for food and diapers.

Vickie, Melissa, and myself want to say thank you for supporting the ministry. God bless you all!