January Newsletter 2022

Jesus bendice nuestras vidas! Jesus blesses our lives! School is now started for 2022. Pray for the teachers and students. Covid in our area and all of Guatemala is in red. The students started in their classrooms. However, this week students are back to virtual classes. We desire to return to classroom studies.

We have a miraculos story to share. A knock at the door was heard.This is normal at our house. Babies are always being brought by their parents to pick up formula. This was a special day on February 15th. We always give 4 cans of formula every month to each baby. However, on this day we only had 2 cans to give.As we were talking the young man from the pharmacy arrived. on his motorcycle. Eva needed two more cans of formula. He brought in 4 cases of formula. Now she had two more cans of formula that was needed for the month. As we were talking God supplied the two more cans Eva needed. After we gave the formula we all had a prayer of Thanksgiving. We serve a God that supplies all our needs.

UPDATE: January’s report of ministry projects!

Thirty-four babies received formula. Six p were people received reading glasses. Two water tanks were installed. Seventy-eight blankets were given to people in the villages of Sesemelito and Tizamarte. Attended mens meeting for District 1, Twenty-three Beca students went to the store to buy school supplies.Went to the local ministers meeting in District 1 Region 8.

Greatest Needs: Baby formula is in great need. The cost is $155 a case for number one and two. The cost is rising . Their is a need of two cases of ones and two cases of twos.

We keep getting more people wanting water tanks. The list is increasing. We need thirteen more water tanks. The cost is also increasing. The cost went from $250 to $275.

Vickie, Melissa and myself want to say thank you for supporting the ministry. You are a wonderful blessing.