February Newsletter 2022

February Newsletter 2022

Dios te bendiga! Gracias a Jesus nuestro Salvador! Thank you to everyone who supports us in prayer and finances. Continue to pray for the students as they have virtual classes. Students learn better in the classroom.

Eva is 2 years old and has been in the formula program one and a half years. When she first came she was very malnourished. Eva had very little hair. However, now her weight and her hair growth are much better. pray for Eva and her family they are very poor.

UPDATE: February’s report of ministry projects

This month we had 43 babies receive 4 cans of formula. You can see a big difference in their growth.

Nineteen students in the “Brighter Horizon’s” program were blessed by their sponsors. They were able to purchase their school supplies.

In Camotan and in the village of Sesemelito. We gave 8 people reading glasses. They were so excited to be able to read.

Two famiies received bags of food.

Three water tanks were given to families that had no water. They were very greatful to have water in their homes.

Twenty families received clothes in several villages.

GREATEST NEEDS: Baby formula! The cost has gone up. The cost is now $182 for a case of 1’s. There are 24 cans in a case. The cost is now $175 a case for 2’s. There are 24 cans in a case.

Our list is increasing for water tanks. We are in need of 12 water tanks. The cost is also getting higher. Before the tanks were $250 but now the cost is $275.

Vickie, Melissa, and myself want to say thank you for supporting the ministry. You are a great blessing.