Water tank for a family


Would you consider helping us?  We need your prayers that God will give us wisdom and direction for the best ways to reach Guatemala for Christ and ways to make Guatemala a better place to live.  Your financial support brings hope to the people we are helping through projects.

Our projects are: BRIGHTER HORIZON’S/ to provide school sponsorships for Middle and High schoolers to attend school. The cost is $40 a month for 12 months or $480 a year.

Project drop of cool water: Families and churches are provided a 290 gallon  water tank to store water. They collect rain water or go to to the river or creek to haul water to the house for them to have water. The cost for a water tank system is $250.

We have feeding centers. One is the village of Pinulito and a new one in the village of El Volcan. The cost to provide the children and mothers lunch once a week is $100. We are in need of two more sponsors a month. Thank you for your consideration.

Formula for babies: To provide formula for a baby for a month cost $40. The cost may vary when the babies are sickly. Some babies need a different formula.

Blankets are also given to those in need. The cost of a blanket is $10 each. You can make a difference to a child or senior adult.

Please send all tax deductible donations to:

Restoration Ministries
P. O. Box 1573
Lithia Springs, GA 30122  or                                           paypal.me/guatemalans05

Missionaries to Guatemala,

David and Vickie Byrd

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