December Newsletter 2021

December Newsletter 2021

Jesu Christo es nuestro salvador! Jesus Christ is our savior! The coffee harvest continues in the higher elevations.We pray for the children and the adults picking coffee beans. This year we are hoping to have a plentiful harvest.This is the main source of income for the people in the mountain villages.

UPDATE: December’s report of ministry projects.

We had an increase of babies needing formula this month. God supplied our need. This was an increase in December from 29 to 34 babies. God continues to bless the babies with formula. Go to our website to see how you can provide baby formula. The babies receive formula until they are 1 year old.

Thirty families were given bags of food. The families lived in the village of Tapaun. Our friend sister Deborah had her baby this month. It is a joy to help these families with food.

Praise the Lord we had an increase of 3 students from last month. It is a great gift to provide an education through the Brighter Horizons Program. We now have twenty-three in the program. Go to the website and click on the donation button to see the cost of the projects. Also look at the needs section.

Two water tanks were installed in the village of Tapaun in December. This village is really in need of water. We have 11 more families that desire to have a water tank.


60 people to give $25 to help feed 40 families to help the poorest of the poor.

We are still in need of 22 blankets. These will be given to children and senior adults. The cost is $10 each.

Fifteen families have come by the ministry center needing water tanks money was given to purchase 4 of the fifteen tanks. We are praying God will supply the remaining 11 tanks. The tanks hold 290 gallons. The cost of a water tank is $250 each.

Vickie, Melissa, and myself want to say thank you for supporting the ministry. You are a great blessing.