August Newsletter 2022

Jesus es maravilloso! Jesus is wonderful!

Fifty-five babies received formula this month. They all are given 3 cans of formula. It is great to see the changes in the growth of the babies.

Twenty-three students received their money for the month. They are extremely excited that their sponsors help them to attend Middle and High School.

Seven water tanks need to be installed. It is hard to install them. This year it has been extremely rainy. Roads and bridges have been washed out. This made it hard to travel to the mountain villages. Please pray that we can start delivering the water tanks soon.

My friend Pastor William came to visit us. They are in need of water filters. Thank you for a donation for water filters.

Vickie and I went to the grocery store the other day. When we pulled in to park we saw two Iguana’s. They were sitting on the wall near the fence. It was so cute.

Brianna had a lot of pain in her stomach. Melissa and Vickie took her to the doctor. He said she needed to have her apendix removed right away. We took her immediately to the Hospital to have her apendix removed. She is feeling much better. Brianna does not like the diet she is on. Brianna cannot attend school. Her teacher sent a picture of the her classmates.

I was abel to attend the pastors and missionaries meeting. It was held in the village of Tapaun.


Baby Formula! The cost is $182 for a case of 1’s. This formula is for babies 0 to 5 months. There are 24 cans to a case. The cost is $175 for a case of 2’s. This formula is for babies 5 months to 12 months. There are 24 cans to a case. We need sponsors to buy formula by the case on a monthly basis. Pray about this need please.

Currently we have money to purchase 7 water tanks. We are in constant need of water tanks. The tanks cost $275 each. Water storage is a problem.

Beca Students:

We have need of sponsors to support stundents to attend Middle and High School. We desire to asist them to complete their education. It cost $40 a month or $480 a year. Please consider sponsoring a student.