April Newsletter 2022

April Newsletter 2022

Saluda! Jesus es nuestro Salvador. Greetings! Jesus is our Savior. Take the opportunity to check on our ministry as we serve others. We were able to feed over 100 children and parents lunch in the village of El Volcan.

Please continue to pray for Yefry Ramirez Lopez. He is 2 old. He was born with mental and physical challenges.

UPDATE: April’s report of ministry projects

In the month of April we had 47 babies . They all received 4 cans of formula each. You can really see a big difference in their growth.

This month 15 students came to the ministry center. These students have a sponsor in the “Brighter Horizon’s” program. This program provides them with an education to attend Middle and High school.

Four water tanks were given to 4 families. We are in the summer season. The tempurature is around 90 to 100 degrees. Water is in great demand.

It was an awesome day in the village of El Volcan. There were over 100 children and parents. Everyone received a hot bowl of chicken soup,two tortillas, and koolaid.

Picture of David, Vickie and Melissa

GREATEST NEEDS: Baby formula!! The cost has gone up. The cost is now $182 Foa case of 1’s. There are 24 cans for a case.The cost is $175 for a case of 2’s, There are 24 cans to a case.

Water tanks!! Water tanks!! Our list is increasing for water tanks. We are in need of 12 water tanks. The cost is getting higher. The cost has increased from $250 each to $275 each.

Vickie, Melissa, and myself want to say thank you for supporting the ministry. You are a great blessing to Guatemala.