September Newsletter 2021

Dios le bendiga a todos! God bless you all! We have had a good rainy season. Farmers are very happy for their crops this year. The Guatemalan people that we are able to serve were very thankful to God and you for the provisions given.

UPDATE: September’s Newsletter of Ministry Projects.

The baby formula ministry provides formula for newborn’s through 12 months old. Each baby receives 4 cans of formula per month. Their are 17 babies in the program. We also have one special needs child receiving healthy milk and other items. Ten mothers came for formula with their babies. Plus seven parents came without babies. This due to covid in our area.

student attending school

Praise the Lord for the Sponsors of the students. They allow the students to attend Middle and High School. This project is called “Brighter Horizon’s.” Their are currently 25 students enrolled. The meeting is held every third Saturday. At the meeting students receive their money for the month. Click on the donation button in oder to sponsor a student. Also look at the needs section of the newsletter.

water tank

Church of God in the town of Chiquimula was given a water tank. It holds 290 gallons of water. They do not have any water. They are having services on land owned by the church. It is in the open air. At this current time they are having virtual services due to the government restrictions due to covid.

New student wanting an education

Here is one of the students desiring to attend Middle school next year. He is one of the seven wanting to attend school next year. Go to the needs section of the newsletter for more information. You can also click on the donation button on our webpage. We have 10 students that will be graduating Middle or High school.One student will not be returning next year. However, their will be 14 students continuing their education.

Bags of food

Fifteen bags of food were given to pastor Israel and people of the village of Guayabo. There is less work now due to covid. With little or no work money is hard to come by to buy food. Nancy’s mother was given a bag of food also.


Bag of food and formula

Luis’s mother came to pick up a bag of food for him.


more students

More students are wanting to attend Middle and High School. We need 11 more sponsors in order to provide education for those desiring to attend. Without help many will not be able to attend school next year.The cost is $40 a month or $480 a year. Please pray and consider sponsoring a student the 2022 school year.

We are asking for 60 people to give $25 to feed 40 families. To help the poorest of the poor.

It is time to begin planning about giving blankets. Blankets cost $10 each . Blankets are given to children and senior adults.

Vickie, Melissa and myself want to say thank you for supporting the ministry. God bless you all!