October Newsletter 2021

October Newsletter 2021

Dios le bendiga todos! God bless you all! God has been blessing the farmers this harvest season. Some people do not have crops to grow. That is why many still need food to help out the family. The Guatemalan people we are able to serve are very thankful to God for the provisions given. We are in the month of November. It is time for Thanksgiving! God has been good to us all. Even though it has been difficult sometimes as the pandemic continues. We are a blessed people!

UPDATE: October’s report of ministry projects.

God has granted us the opportunity to help mothers.These mothers cannot provide milk naturally. We stepped in to provide 4 cans of formula a month. The babies receive 4 cans of formula a month up to 12 months. There are 17 babies in the formula program. We have some babies that graduated and some more new babies were enrolled. Go to our website to see how you can help provide formula.

Thank you sponsors for making a huge difference in the lives of Middle and High School students. These students would not be able to attend school. This project is called “Brighter Horizons’. Twelve students.here are currently 27 students enrolled. Twelve students are graduating. one is not returning next year. School has ended as of the 15th of October. Go to the website and click on the donation button to see the cost of the projects. Also look at the needs section.

Two families came to the ministry center in need of food. Through donations we were able to give them two bags of food.

The ministry was able to bless twenty-eight more families with bags of food. Each family received 10 pounds of corn, 10 pounds of black beans, 5 pounds of sugar, 2 pounds of rice, two small bags of salt, 5 bags of coffee, and 1 bottle of oil. To find out the cost go to our website. The address is www.givinguhope@gmail.com

Christ Central donated funds to purchase two water tank systems. Sister Evelyn and sister Antonia installed water tanks near their homes in the village of Tapaun. The whole village has a lack of water.


We have 12 students desiring to attend Middle and High School. People like you are needed to provide them an education. The cost is $40 a month or $480 a year. Please pray and consider sponsoring a student the 2022 school year. The school year is from January 2022 through October 2022.

We are asking for 60 people to give $25 to help feed 40 families. To help the poorest of the poor.

It is time to begin planning about giving blankets . Blankets cost $10 each. Blankets are given to children and senior adults. Vickie, Melissa, and myself want to say thank you for supporting the ministry. God bless you all!