May Newsletter 2021

May Newsletter 2021

Hello to all from gorgeous Guatemala. Farmers are grateful for the rainfall f or the rainfall. They have a great start on on the corn and black bean crop. Rain continues to prosper this years crop.

UPDATE: The projects for the month of May.

Eighteen babies came to the ministry center to pick up their four cans of formula.It is a joy to see the babies and some of the family each month. They come from many different villages in our department of Chiquimula.

We are also are helping two special needs babies. One has downs syndrome and the other has a tumor on the left side of her face.

Their are twenty – five students in the “Brighter Horizon’s” program. Twenty-three came to the monthly meeting and two came later. These students have a sponsor to attend Middle and High School. We are having three meetings every third Saturday. This is because of social distancing.

A 290 gallon water tank was given to pastor Daniel Lopez and his family. They were in need of a water storage tank. They were so excited to have plenty of water. He pastors in the department of Ipala.

NEEDS: Four students are in need of a sponsor in our “Brighter Horizon’s education program. This provides schooling for students to attend Middle and High School. Without sponsors the would not be able to attend school .It costs $40 a month for 12 months or $480 a year.

Ingrid is a 17 year old. She has to be carried because she cannot walk or talk. She is very small for her age. We are asking for asistance to buy food, diapers and other needs. the cost is $60 a month.

Vickie, Melissa and myself want to say thank you for supporting the ministry projects.